Our body needs rest to heal.

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We postpone rest and sleep several times so that we can stay awake longer, but we need to be aware of the consequences. Sleeping or resting is very important.

Many of the consequences of lack of sleep and rest are not noticed. Health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease develop over a long period of time due to a number of factors, e.g. genetics, poor diet and lack of exercise. Lack of sleep is an important risk factor that not only affects the development of these health problems, but also the weakened immune system and the occurrence of mental illness. Although scientists have only just begun to discover a link between sleep deprivation and disease, most experts agree that getting enough quality sleep for health and well-being is just as important as diet and exercise.​

Although good sleep and adequate rest are not a guarantee of good health, they contribute to the functioning of many key functions. One of the most important among them is to allow cells and tissues to recover from everyday wear and tear. Major regenerative functions, such as tissue regeneration, muscle growth, and protein synthesis, take place almost exclusively during sleep.

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